Skateboarding is for everyone

The Alt Route project works to make skateparks accessible for low & no vision youth and athletes.
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Alt Route Project Founders

Our founding members have been the driving force for accessible skateboarding.
A photo of Curtis sitting on a stool looking into the camera and smiling.

Curtis Ruttle


At 16 years of age and legally blind, Curtis is a founding member of Alt Route. He first started skateboarding in the spring of 2019 at a Skate Bats event where he met Matt Janz. Through his participation with the CNIB National Youth Council he discovered the #RisingYouth grant which he used to start the Alt Route project.

Matt standing smiling at the camera and holding his skateboard.  There is the word

Matt Janz

Co-Founder, Instructor & Mentor

Matt is a 31 year old skateboarder with a genetic eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. Matt skates because it is raw, dangerous, and full of joy. His other interests are low vision mountain biking, blind hockey, eating pizza with his wife and teaching his daughter how to be a dope human.

Alt Route Project Participants

Our participants skate hard and give feedback on how to make skateparks better.
Cassandra is throwing her kneepads at the photographer... Oh brother.

Cassandra Ruttle


Cassandra is a vibrant, outgoing, 13 year old girl who lets nothing stand in her way. She has been interested in skateboarding since a very young age, and is up to try any trick presented to her. Cassandra is legally blind, but this has never stopped her.

Cassandra is also interested in Blind Hockey, running, and hanging out with her friends.

A photo of Gabriel sitting on a set of stairs looking into the camera and smiling.

Gabriel Pigeon


At 13, Gabriel is living with Macular hypoplasia, strabismus and nystagmus - which makes him legally blind. He skateboards because “the first time I saw someone skateboarding I wanted to try.” Now that more attention is on accessible skateboarding, this gives him a chance to learn like he always wanted. Outside of school Gabriel is skateboarding, skiing and playing video games.

Jordan is standing on a mini golf course looking into the camera and smiling.  He is holding 2 fingers up as a peace sign with his right hand.

Jordan H


Jordan is a 10 year old youth, who is living with the eye condition Bilateral Retinoblastoma making him visually impaired. Jordan does not let his visual impairment hold him back though! “I enjoy to skateboard because it is awesome, and so cool to do!” Jordan said. In his spare time Jordan also enjoys playing video games, travelling, and swimming!

Zach standing on a skateboard, Zach is looking down at his feet, and has his arms out to his side for balance.

Zach Abdalla


Zach is thirteen and legally blind with no vision in his left eye leaving him with no depth perception. Zach enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and dance. Zach decided to participate in Alt Route because he has liked skateboarding for a while but never had the most accessible time while doing so.

Alt Route Project Volunteers

Our events and project wouldn't be as successful without our volunteers.
Todd is seen here shredding on a longboard. It's because he's a fat man and can't keep his balance on a regular skateboard. Don't worry Todd wrote this description so he's not offended by what the Screen Reader has said about him.

Todd Willsie

Digital Media Support

At 36, Todd helps the team by taking photos, slow motion videos and volunteering his time building the Alt Route website or helping out with events. He is also the President of the Calgary Extra Life Guild, a cyber security professional, and a crazy talented designer. When he isn’t being creative you can catch him ripping along on his longboard.